RIG cards is a service for mining rigs remote monitoring.

The main goal is the ability to easily monitor the status of mining farms and send notifications by e-mail or Telegram in case of problems.

RIG cards

Data for each rig is present on its card, where you can monitor parameters just by looking at it.

RIG cards

Main features

  • Rigs status and GPU information (temperatures, frequencies, fan speed, load, and other)
  • Notifications by e-mail and Telegram about different events:
    • Rig doesn't respond, back to online or was rebooted
    • GPU temperatures are out of range, back to range (limits can be set on your choice)
    • GPU lost on the rig

RIG cards notifications

  • Hashrate Monitoring
    Supported miners:
    • Claymore's Ethereum Miner
    • PhoenixMiner Ethereum
    • SRBMiner Cryptonight
    • EWBF Equihash Miner
    • Ethminer
    • TeamRedMiner
    • T-Rex
    • NBMiner
    • Gminer
  • Remote rig rebooting and rebooting on events like overheating GPU, low GPU temperature and losing GPU on the rig.
  • Mobile-friendly version so you can check your rigs from everywhere.